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  • Persian / Fhlvy tar Tabriz Tabriz and Fhlvy
  • Check other Pantrkystha a lie about Rtsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh) And the documentation is clear and overwhelming proof of the Armenian region in 1823
  • C. Data Statistics - IP - Faktbvk and Iran - Turkish descent Pantrkhav comments about C - K - K and Kurdistan
  • Turkey and the fraudulent “Azerbaijan” – The two countries should be separated
  • Calling for a boycott of national separatism and anti publication in Toronto
  • To preserve civilization Iranian people, the Iranian oppression of pan-Turkism Save
  • Pan-Turkism, the Iranian threat and ways to deal with it

Nizami and respond to pan-Turkish

In the name of God

Best Android Kzyn Brngzrd (Ferdowsi)


Iran is the heart of all the world

Speaker is analogous to embarrass Saddle


Nizami and responses to Pantrkystha

Original Address Nizami and respond to pan-Turkish

Thanks for the blog Shhrbraz that some terms used in this paper is.

For a complete and detailed response to the allegations about Nizami Pantrkan the article dear friend Ali Dvstzadh doctor looked at the following address:

Politicization of the background of Nizami Ganjavi: Attempted de-Iranization of a historical Iranian figure by the USSR, / Pasokhbehanirani / NezamiUSSRpoliticization.htm

This article about a hundred and sixty pages a complete response to all the allegations of Iranian Nizami well Pantrkystha has proven to be Iranian, even though he was among the researchers (With lots of money and then the Soviet Union Government to change her identity investment now that Aran) بدیهی است و تنها آشنایی با تاریخ آن دوران و نگاه کامل به آثار او این موضوع را به خوبی روشن میکند.

However, in this paper, an important document and is not just in the closet.

It is a very good source of the closet guys. In relation to this important source of Shhrbraz blog Read with:
Important historical source about the patient and Closet

Monday 29 / September / 1389 – 20 / September / 2010

Recently a dear friend, patient and doctor Ali Dvstzadh important source on the history of Armenia and Iran in the Caucasus has closet and asked me to take it to other friends and fans of Iranian history and culture to identify.

The book "Armenian History" (History of the Armenians) Name of the post Krakvs Treasure (Kirakos Ganjakets'i), An Armenian historian of the seventh century BC. / The Thirteenth. Very close to the time of the Persian poet Nezami's Treasure.
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Turkish position

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Iran, or Khorasan

Link to article The Shhrbraz

Particularly since the Sassanian Khosrow I Anushiravan, the Iranshahr East region "Khvrasan Coast" means a place where the sun is called the Khvrasan the East or the Orient. It tells the story of Vis and Ramin Fakhruddin As'ad Gorgan:

زبان پهلوی هر کو شناسد ——— Where there's Khorassan 'Firth Assad »
Khorasan was the meaning of Ayaan estuary / creek where he comes from Iran

After Islam was called Khorasan region. "Khvrasan Coast" was a huge area, including Balkh and Herat Gvzganan Mountain (Khstan or Quhistan = South Khorasan Province in Iran) And .. Was. This area was also called to the Qajar Shah of Khorasan in the Grip of the "Great Game" between Great Britain and Russia, Great Britain decided that the Pashtuns (افغانان) حمایت کند و در برابر پیشروی روسیه به سوی هندوستان سد و مانعی بسازد و از این رو استان هرات ایران را اشغال کرد و با تهدید ناصرالدین شاه به حمله از جنوب و خلیج فارس او را مجبور کرد که در ماه مارس ۱۸۵۷ م./ رجب ۱۲۷۳ ق./ فروردین ۱۲۳۶ خ. "Paris convention" sign and "Afghanistan" recognizes.

Because of its colonial policy of Great Britain Minority Rule "Pashtun" majority "Tajik" (The Iranian) Supported, then replace the official language policy in Afghanistan has continued Pshtvnsazy more Afghan authorities, "Pashtun" are. For the separation of the "Persians" Afghan or Tajik Persian language in Afghanistan, "door" was left at the "door" attribute "language" is. If we put language called Standard English and Standard!
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Pan Dari Persian and Turkish origin lies

(The article was added images Shhrbraz. See also Turkish position And Thirty-three dialects of Arabic, Persian,.)

Link to article The Shhrbraz

از آنجا که زبان پارسی یکی از عامل‌های پیونددهنده‌ی ایرانیان در طول تاریخ – به ویژه پس از اسلام – بوده است تجزیه‌طلبان و دشمنان ایران به تازگی برای رسیدن به هدف‌های شوم خود نوک حمله را به سوی زبان پارسی گرفته‌اند و در این راستا ادعاهای بی‌پایه و مسخره‌ای می‌کنند که به چند مورد آنها می‌پردازم.

I repeated that I should first emphasis in both Turkish and English and speakers of the two languages ​​respect. The following is the only study Enlightenment ideas and baseless lies and minority small group of radical separatism is Pantrk. Iranian Azerbaijanis are leaving because their culture. حتا اگر بخواهیم مانند برخی به تبار و ویژگی‌های بدنی و زیست‌شناختی تاکید کنیم پژوهش‌های ژنتیکی ایرانیان آذربایجانی نشان داده است که این گروه ترک‌زبان نیز با دیگر ایرانیان مانند کردها و لران و اصفهانیان و تهرانیان و … Joined.

Comparison and ranking Persian and Turkish
A few years ago one of the magazines Pantrk Iran called "Hope Branch" foolish and Bypayhay claims raised and without giving evidence who wrote the Declaration of UNESCO as "thirty-three languages ​​Arabic, Persian dialect is". This statement is so absurd and baseless and no need to explain the alleged chicken looks funny. Little understanding of language and linguistics who is intelligent and understands that know different languages ​​and dialects of Arabic language and the two languages ​​are very different and distinct. And because most skeletal elements of a language and its grammar and syntax of the Arabic language is very different from. The narrator claims that it does not understand language and has no knowledge of Arabic language.
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Al and cracks

Original Address: The Iranian al-

(Thanks for the blog blog Shhrbraz that some phrases can be seen in the context of).

(In this paper, a compact Persian English is a complete article can be found here:

Our paper also Mashkoor doctor about this article in the paper the doctor Mashkoor make two mistakes with the perfect name, and has one of the words. However, in this case the doctor Mashkoor strong written article that is the end of this journal.

See also related to Encyclopaedia Iranica direct evidence about the ethnicity of all al-(All three texts directly after death Sysdsal All three documents are al):

Encyclopedia Iranica states resources are not sufficient, however, to judge by the number of documents it (Farabi and Avicenna His followers to do in Zhrfngry) They have ignored the Encyclopedia Iranica (This article is published in).

As has been emphasized, however, researchers must read this article in English under the present paper is a compact:
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Leave word ,Leave word ,Terms of leaving

Comment on this article: We have received many messages in the past few days and in the meantime some time to read this article and specifically ethnic Turks, Iranians were protesting. Please note this post is only about the origins and scope of the "Vazhy leave" and not "the left"! Clearly not "Turkish" and not "the left", Iranian or non-Iranian languages ​​in the Turkic branch of the Altaic languages. (This paper describes the main site was added later by the participant)

Original Address Leave word ,Terms of leaving

Historians must be cautious about the scope of the word quit and write articles. Because the Arab texts, Turkish word meaning is not ethnic but also means that the residents of the Middle Syayh (Such as word belongs to the people of Turan in Iranian Avesta, and then during the time of Islam, the word gradually took shape ethnic).

I hope that when the Persian translation of these resources is important to further explain the two parts (The root of the word within the word quit and left are divided).

Also important to note is that the first letter of the new literature on ancient sources are better they.

The root of the word quit is not known, but new research that Iranian (Altai not know) And upon the nobles Union “Blue Turks” Also Ayraytbar (سکایی) Know:

Golden, Peter B. “Some Thoughts on the Origins of the Turks and the Shaping of the Turkic Peoples”. (2006) In: Contact and Exchange in the Ancient World. And. Victor H. Mair. University of Hawai’i Press.

pp 142-143

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Cyrus the Great and the Pan-Turks

Describe the site Zrgshnsp : This article is written in response to the offensive Pyshtrdr "Wahid Hussain grace",Pan-Turkish fake doctor and author of the site had been Zrgshnsp the curse of a pan-Turkish writer continues to be published by separatist groups, Main article into a video file from a text file at the end of this article on separatists put.

Again: کوروش کبیر و پان ترکیسم

Original Address: کوروش کبیر و پان ترکیسم

Author : Darius Kiyani

Cyrus among men of their time and wisdom and other virtues of courage, honor, and was the head. // Cyrus was not the only man brave in battle, but that was kind and considerate treatment Atbaash, and the Persians called her father (دیودروس سیکولوس، کتابخانه‌ی تاریخی ۹/۲۲/۱؛ ۹/۲۴/۱).

Even to this day Nbz foreigners in their stories and songs and quotes that Cyrus Nfsa very generous and benevolent Mrftdvst and ambitious, so that hardly any pain to the patient and he would face any danger (Xenophon, Education of Cyrus 1/2/1).


Waheed Hussain grace, ignorance and deception, forgery school known Nzryhbaf (پان‌ترکیسم), Which is specialized in Afsanhsazy, after failed attempts in vain and the confiscation of some of the manifestations of Persian culture, such as Rustam, Phoenix (!), Nizami, Biruni, Parthians, etc., in favor of ethnic (History of Azeri-Iranians does it have to do with the fate of)، به منظور پر کردن خلاء بی‌فرهنگی این قوم و جبران بی‌بهرگی آن از هر گونه شخصیت برجسته‌ی تاریخی و ادبی، این بار با درک این که امکان مصادره و تصاحب کوروش بزرگ به نفع این قوم وجود ندارد، با لحن و ادبیاتی در خورد شأن خود و هم‌مسلکان‌اش، کورش بزرگ را آماج انواع هتاکی‌های وقیح و دشنام‌گویی‌های قبیح ساخته است.

Reading the first lines of text that H. V. grace (Holds honorary doctorates from universities in the Transcaucasus Unknown!) In this regard it is woven, it is immediately apparent that one of the reasons for his hatred towards Cyrus, Swedish filmmaker to make a movie about the celebrity world, but on the contrary, no one is about the so famous (They know who they are!) Film has not!
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Sasanian ,Hftalyan and pan-Turkish and

Original Address: Reply with a pan-Turkish Sassanian Hftalyan

Can you tell me the truth, and everything in the luggage and longer Tyrt Throw, Iran is a virtue! (Nietzsche)

"One of the truly shine Koo / / Gyrdsh perversity and the shortcomings / / Let the soil go jawed man / / you of the luggage really enough wind / / all the way, now that the truth / / unless the flaws within it / / '


"Someone turned towards truth and goodness, heaven will be a place with a light house. But a bad liar and a long wail and bemoan the oven light to darkness and will. Intentions really dirty and ugly crime that plagued her life misery will burden and guilt. "

Ahnvd GATT - Hot 30 - Section 9

Anti-minded individual named Mehran spring Sassanid Dynasty wrote recently about some nonsense that reflects their efforts to seize other people's cultures. این فرد بدون این که سندی را در تایید سخنان خود عرضه دارد، ادعاهای گوناگون نادرستی را به میان آورده است که در ادامه به چند نمونه از آن ها به طور مختصر پاسخ داده می شود.
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Babak Khorramdin, pan-Turks

Original Address : Babak Khorramdin, pan-Turkism

In a desperate ignorant Impersonation in Turkish (He attributed the Central Asian Huns) For Babak Khorramdin, one of the bright stars on the land Standing (Iran) Are.

Since no evidence of Turkish stone, leather, fur, paper flowers and even before the era of Azerbaijan Ilkhan no choice but to switch on Byganhprst separatist claims, excessively worn Bykhrdanh to hide the misery and .

1. Ethnic / race B.:
In this regard, it will suffice to mention two documents.

The first document that Ibn Hazm, historian, author's
Chapter in boredom and passions and bees, p 199.
«أن الفرس کانوا من سعه الملک وعلو الید على جمیع الأمم وجلاله الخطیر فی أنفسهم حتى أنهم کانوا یسمون أنفسهم الأحرار والأبناء وکانوا یعدون سائر الناس عبیداً لهم فلما امتحنوا بزوال الدوله عنهم على أیدی العرب وکانت العرب أقل الأمم عند الفرس خطراً تعاظمهم الأمر وتضاعفت لدیهم المصیبه وراموا کید الإسلام بالمحاربه فی أوقات شتى ففی کل ذلک یظهر الله سبحانه وتعالى الحق وکان من قائمتهم سنباده واستاسیس والمقنع وبابک وغیرهم »

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"Corp increased its area and power over all nations and kingdoms were dominant, and its human nature knew best and called his family and other servants free Myshmrdnd. Since the government took over the Arab world that the people had Dvnpayhtryn they were prevailed upon them that they were expensive and there were unlikely to endure the ordeal, and was on the stand a number of ways of the Islamic. But the victory came at a time right Khdaytaly. Among their leaders (= Hub) Snbad, Mqn, Astadsys, B. and others were ".
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