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New words into English several times in Persian in Tehran (Spoons, plates.)

Address of the article, one of the pan-Turkists mockingly claims that the Persian language has a word for “Plates” “Spoon” Today, accessories not. Another Pantrkyst also asserts that Persian civilization is a term for. Another Pantrkyst says: "Turkish and Iranian Book (Second edition) Azerbaijani Academic Society Research Centre (Btam) web site: a few thousand […]

یک هزار واژه اصیل ترکی در پارسی

Main article link from the Web site of ancient cultures like Gramyam Mr. …..In an article called "thousand word article in the Turkish Community" have been introduced to study entry, the reader is forced to ask for a speedy recovery for the author! While the author of this article is absurd to talk of one thousand words in Persian Turkish […]