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Iran, or Khorasan

Shahrbaraz article link from the Sassanid Khosrow I, especially since Anoushiravan, Iranshahr East region, "the Coast Khvrasan" and said that Khvrasan means where the sun is the same as the East or East. It tells the story of Vis and Ramin Fakhruddin As'ad Gorgan: زبان پهلوی هر کو شناسد ——— Khorasan is the co […]

آیا گویشوران زبان‌های ایرانی چند قوم هستند؟

Link to the original article, as indicated, the material and the ancient Persian language speakers and their always Parsy etc. “Aryans”(Iranian) Referred to. The current language of the Iranian branch of the Northwest ( The sample period is the middle Parsy ) And Southwest (The sample period is the middle of the Persian Sassanid) Are the two […]