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Historical maps of Azerbaijan

پیشتر ادعایی مبنی بر وجود یک کشور و ملت آذربایجان متحد ترک توسط جمهوری آذربایجان مطرح شد و دامنه ی این جعل روز به روز توسط گروههای پان ترکیست فراتر می رود. According to the claims of the Turkish Nation, Consists of two current Azerbaijan and Iranian Azerbaijan is true that the […]

پان ترکیسم و ایران

Nasyvnalyty overflow set of movements in Ottoman Turkey during the First World War coincided with the collapse of the empire in later years to the emergence of a new president of the organizing ,Iran in its quest to become a state - a new nation was experiencing similar developments can be subjected to a rigorous trial […]