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Turkish dictionary ,Leave word ,Terms of leaving

Comment on this article: We have received many messages in the past few days and in the meantime some time to read this article and specifically ethnic Turks, Iranians were protesting. Please note this post is only about the origins and scope of the "Vazhy leave" and not "the left"! It is clear that […]

Sasanian ,Hftalyan and pan-Turkish and

Does the article: A pan-Turkist's answer: Tell the truth about the Sassanians and Hephthalians and throw whatever you can into the barren and higher arrows, this is the virtue of Iran.! (Nietzsche) "Whoever you hit on the head of the truth// He is crooked and you are also weak// Don't stay in the dust, let him live forever// Let him be your burden from the truth […]

پان ترکیسم و ایران

Nasyvnalyty overflow set of movements in Ottoman Turkey during the First World War coincided with the collapse of the empire in later years to the emergence of a new president of the organizing ,Iran in its quest to become a state - a new nation was experiencing similar developments can be subjected to a rigorous trial […]

پانترکیسم, استراتژی ختنه و تجزیه ایران

Authors : دکتر حمید احمدی نشانی مقاله ی اصلی در همین ارتباط : افشای اسناد ویکی لیکس و درخواست «داگان» فرمانده موساد برای حمایت از قومگرایان کرد,بلوچ و آذری جیروسلم پست , Guardian about the tasks and plans of the Pan-Turkists in the new era after the Cold War and the independence of the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, many discussions in […]