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Parthian Is Not Turkish

Greetings Professor Diker, It has been brought to my attention that you describe Parthian as a Turkish language in your website (or a related website): This is linguistically incorrect. Parthian is not a Turkic language. It is an old western Iranian language that is also called “Parthian Pahlavi”. It is a very close relative […]

Some remarks on Farabi’s background: Iranic (Soghdian/Persian) or Turkic(Altaic)?

PDF Version Some remarks on Farabi’s background: Iranic (Soghdian/Persian) or Turkic(Altaic)? Goshtasp Lohraspi This article discusses the background of Abu Nasr Farabi (872-950/951 A.D.), one of the most famous Muslim Polymaths who contributed to many fields including philosophy, music theory, logics, sociology and others. Farabi is one of the greatest figures of humanity and his […]

Response to Pan-Turkist Manipulation of the Demographics of Iran

Main Article Recently, pan-Turkist groups have been exaggerating the number of Turkic speakers and giving false statistics to different sites. They claim that in 2008, there are 20,25, 30, 35,40 45 million Turkic speakers in Iran (depending on which pan-Turkist site one looks at)! Note the total population of Iran was 70 million in 2008. […]