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Sumerian and pan-Turkism

Original Address: Sumerian language and Pan-Turkism, download Pan-Turkism and Sumerians as a text file Pan-Turkists have tried to consider dozens of non-Turkic civilizations as Turks since the reign of Ata Turk.. According to famous orientalist Vladimir Minorsky: "Wherever there is an unsolved question in the context […]

پانترکیسم, استراتژی ختنه و تجزیه ایران

Authors : دکتر حمید احمدی نشانی مقاله ی اصلی در همین ارتباط : افشای اسناد ویکی لیکس و درخواست «داگان» فرمانده موساد برای حمایت از قومگرایان کرد,بلوچ و آذری جیروسلم پست , Guardian about the tasks and plans of the Pan-Turkists in the new era after the Cold War and the independence of the countries of Central Asia and the Caucasus, many discussions in […]