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Azeri section of Azeri Zrgshnsp address in this article in Encyclopedia Iranica Azeri Muslim writer: داریوش احمدی «آذري» نام زباني ايراني است كه در آذربايجان و تا پيش از گسترش زبان كنوني تركي، بدان تكلم مي‌شد. سخن گفتن به زبان «آذري» در آذربايجان، طي نخستين سده‌هاي اسلامي، و […]

Persian Language ,Poetic language or the language of science

Here the link to the article in one of our other articles: But Mr. Qaboos article on the discourse of Persian language and literature Shrzdh philosophical, not scientific knowledge, and in this context, is Arabic excelled. But again had to ask a few philosophical and scientific knowledge Pantrkan […]