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Iran, or Khorasan

Shahrbaraz article link from the Sassanid Khosrow I, especially since Anoushiravan, Iranshahr East region, "the Coast Khvrasan" and said that Khvrasan means where the sun is the same as the East or East. It tells the story of Vis and Ramin Fakhruddin As'ad Gorgan: زبان پهلوی هر کو شناسد ——— Khorasan is the co […]

Pan Dari Persian and Turkish origin lies

(The article was added images Shhrbraz. همینطور بنگرید به جایگاه زبان ترکی و زبان فارسی لهجه سی و سوم زبان عربی.) Bond paper Shhrbraz the language of cementing agents Iranians throughout history - especially after the advent of Islam - is Iran's enemies secessionist recently […]