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In relation to branches of the Iranian people (Like the Caspians) And also pre-Iranian peoples (Like the Elamites)

Link to main article Fortunately, regarding the Caspians, the names of some of their soldiers(under the supervision of the Achaemenians) It is found in an Aramaic text in Egypt and these names had Iranian roots. Therefore, the Caspians should be either Iranian or Iranianized (It means accepted Iranian language and culture) knew. Professor Rudiger Schmidt says: […]

Which languages ​​are the material Aryan languages ​​related to today?

The link to the original address of the material language article is not more than about ten words. Dr. Asatarian writes in this regard: G. Asatrian, Prolegomena to the Study of the Kurds, Iran and the Caucasus, Vol.13, pp.1-58, 2009: The Central Iranian dialects, and primarily those of the Kashan area in the first place, as […]

Iranian people

نشانی مقاله ی اصلی: Iranian people are complex scientists who are a group called Iranian languages(Aryan) including Dari languages (Dari is a type of Parsi, which actually means Persians of Iranian descent in the Islamic era, and not a specific group as we will see.) and Leki, Lori, Lari, Gilki, Talshi, Sorani and […]