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Iran, or Khorasan

Shahrbaraz article link from the Sassanid Khosrow I, especially since Anoushiravan, Iranshahr East region, "the Coast Khvrasan" and said that Khvrasan means where the sun is the same as the East or East. It tells the story of Vis and Ramin Fakhruddin As'ad Gorgan: زبان پهلوی هر کو شناسد ——— Khorasan is the co […]

Iranian people

نشانی مقاله ی اصلی: Iranian people are complex scientists who are a group called Iranian languages(Aryans) including Dari languages (Dari is a type of Parsi, which actually means Persians of Iranian descent in the Islamic era, and not a specific group as we will see.) and Leki, Lori, Lari, Gilki, Talshi, Sorani and […]

Historical maps of Azerbaijan

پیشتر ادعایی مبنی بر وجود یک کشور و ملت آذربایجان متحد ترک توسط جمهوری آذربایجان مطرح شد و دامنه ی این جعل روز به روز توسط گروههای پان ترکیست فراتر می رود. According to the claims of the Turkish Nation, Consists of two current Azerbaijan and Iranian Azerbaijan is true that the […]