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آیا گویشوران زبان‌های ایرانی چند قوم هستند؟

Link to the original article, as indicated, the material and the ancient Persian language speakers and their always Parsy etc. “Aryan”(Iranian) Referred to. The current language of the Iranian branch of the Northwest ( The sample period is the middle Parsy ) And Southwest (The sample period is the middle of the Persian Sassanid) Are the two […]


The paper addresses the Aryans Dariush Kiani) The word "Ariya" in the Avestan language is "Iriya / Airya", also Persian "Aryeh / Ariya» and the Sanskrit language «Ariya / It is Arya. This name-word means "noble, honorable, free and friendly". [Fry, p 2 ; Froshi, p 11 ; Ismailpour, p 79]. […]

On the left of the Scythians and R. !

According to historical documents, in the 7th and 8th centuries AD to the 2nd century AD, the Altai Turks did not exist anywhere else except in the north of China and in the Gobi desert. Assyria and even the western parts of Asia invaded the shores of the Mediterranean and the Medes fought with them. Later, Cyrus and Darius fought with them many times. […]