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Authors : Doctor Ali Dvstzadh

One Pantrkystha in a forum of anti Ahmad Kasravi published an article in which there are clear-cut and distorted. Distorted version of the article Pantrkysty we joined with the correct translation of an American scholar.

American scholar Professor Evan Siegel article (America Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics and Khavrmyanhshnas) Has translated.

Here is the English translation of the article: / evan_j_siegel / Iran Turk / IranTurk.html

In a paper published in the Quarterly Azerbaijan:

This article was originally published in the The Journal of Azerbaijani Studies (flight. 1, not. 2, 1998).

Now, an examination of the American Scholar Brydgyhay do translation and translating Thryfgranh:

The translation is Thryfgr:

“Among the villages that usually speak Farsi, most of the cities such as Tehran, Shiraz, Qazvin and Hamedan are surrounded by Turkish speaking villages or provinces.”

But the English translation, it is:

the villages in which the inhabitants speak Persian, one sees villages in which the people speak Turkish, and many Persian cities, such as Tehran or Shiraz or Qazvin or Hamadan, are surrounded on all sides by Turkish villages or tribes

This is clearly indicative of a distorted. Trjmhgr Pantrkyst wanted to mention that Kasravi Qazvin and Hamedan city called Parsyzban. For this “Parsyzban” This property has been removed from the city and this is the first clear example of mercenary interpreter is Pantrkyst.

The article Pantrkysty, pessimistic people of Azerbaijan Turkish language has been. While Kasravi says:

As for the Iranians, even those who speak Turkish claim that it is a foreign language which had penetrated their country during times of Turkish and Mongol rule and had spread and become popular at sword-point.

The Kasravi says:

"But the Iranians, even those who are Turkish, believes that the language of the Mongol / Turkic states and forcibly expanded their swords"

Pessimistic view of the Turkish side has not thought of that, but according to Kasravi, many Trkzbanan Iran and imposed a language of the Turkic and Mongol raids Atrak knew. But Translator Thryfgr of whether it was because they Mykhvahnnd negative view of Turkish life and not know Pahlavi Qajar.

But the biggest lie Translator Thryfgr, maybe this is the Kasravi In this paper, we consider the opposite “Ancient Azari language” Azerbaijan is in the nature of early language.

While clearly the Medes Kasravi says:

Similarly, we do not claim that Azerbaijan has been a cradle of Turkish since ancient times; indeed, the Medes who had lived in Azerbaijan and Hamadan and `Eraq thousands of years before them were not Turks, as claimed by some extremist Turkish leaders. Such a claim is nothing but a falsification of history.

Median non-stop Kasravi explicitly considers. At that time, more or less all the Iranian people, the Medes knew a hundred percent today, this theory has been recorded in the literature. While clearly the Medes Kasravi says they did not leave, but the translator Pantrkyst No translation of this sentence is the key in the last Median. پس همینجا کافی است بدانیم که زبان اصلی آذربایجان، ترکی نبوده است و یک زبان ایرانی بوده است، زیرا مادها در نظر محققان، یک قوم ایرانی حساب میشند.

Kasravi emigration then Turks also pertains to Iran during the Islamic (Here again joined his Azerbaijani Azeri or ancient language) And of course, it is obviously on today:

We do not claim that the people of Azerbaijan or all speakers of Turkish in Iran are pure Turks like their brothers among the Turks of Turkestan; this is put the lie to by the plain senses. Similarly, we do not claim that Azerbaijan has been a cradle of Turkish since ancient times; indeed, the Medes who had lived in Azerbaijan and Hamadan and `Eraq thousands of years before them were not Turks, as claimed by some extremist Turkish leaders.

Here also explicitly considers the Turkish Muslim people of Azerbaijan after it in the long run, chose:

rather, it was for the native population who were subjected to their rule and mingled with them to be assimilated into them and see their language turkified and changed to Turkish, and not the other way around.

پس اینجا بومیان آذربایجان را جدا از ترکان میداند و میگوید که این بومیان آذربایجان بودند که زیر تسلط ترکان، ناچار در آنها آسیمیله شدند و زبانشان به ترکی تغییر یافت.

Here also clearly remember entering the Turkish Seljuk and Timurid Hülegü and the Syayhmyanh (Turkestan) Considers:

But the issue is not so enigmatic if it is examined fairly and free of prejudice, for Iran borders on the steppes of Turkestan, crowded with roving Turkish tribes, herders of horses and livestock. Their places of settlement, situated between those steppes and Transoxiana and Asia Minor, were known since ancient times for the land’s lushness and the abundance of plants and pasturage and a plenitude of gardens and widespread lushness. Indeed, in the earliest times and before these times, it had been a refuge for these tribes. They took refuge there when they had been defeated by the enemy and they beat a broad path to Transoxiana and Syria or to any region they pleased when they became hard-pressed in their deserts or there was a shortage of pasturage or herbage. The deeds of Hulagu Khan and his descendants and Amir Timarlang and his, as well as the Seljuks, including their overrunning of Iran and their dividing between themselves the lands beyond were no different than those of their ancestors in prehistoric times. Iran did not have a wall like China did to restrain or block them; they burst through her borders along with their children and women and horses and livestock, and divided up the length and breadth of the land in search of safety and pasture.

Summary view Kasravi's book is no contradiction with his Azerbaijani or Azeri language is ancient, because:

1) Language material (The Persian language) The Turkish public does not know the scholars of that era also saw the Persian language material (Today, this is absolutely scientists Iranologist). The Turkish-Iranian language of Azerbaijan is driven. Azeris in Kasravi's book is something that has proven itself in this paper also considers Native Azerbaijan Ghyrtrk.

2) In this book, the Turkestan Turkish Mesopotamia and Elam knows not etc. (Like today Pantrkysthay) And the coming of the Turkish Seljuks, perish, Timurids, and Fyrh Qrayqvyvnlv views.

3) This book clearly contrary view Kasravi that Trkzbanan Azerbaijani Turks of Turkestan, Turks are descended from pure. But such has removed this article Thryfgranh.

چند نکته‌ی دیگر، کسروی در این مقاله میگوید که زبان ترکی آذربایجانی، دارنده سنت ادبی قدیم و قوی نیست و میگوید که حتی در تبریز، زبان فارسی در دوران مشروطه زبان حاکم ادبی بوده است و نشریات زبان ترکی نسبت به فارسی ناچیز بودند و این سه نشریه ترکی، همگی بجز چاپ کمتر از تعداد انگشت‌شمار جلد، دوام نیاوردند.

During the 1905 Constitutionalist revolution, over thirty magazines were founded and published in Tabriz and the other cities of Azerbaijan, but only three of them were written in Turkish, and none of them came out except for a few issues, no more than you could count on your fingers.

But Translator Pantrkyst, this did not translate!

Kasravi in ​​this article clearly knows Persian and Turkic literary language of Azerbaijan as the Ghyradby:

Turkish in Iran is a spoken and not, as we have indicated above, a literary language.

Only two parts of this article that was abused Pantrkystha:

1) Most of the surviving joint Kasravi Trkzbanan immigrants from Turkestan (Middle Syayh) Knew. در جای دیگر آمیختگی از هر دو طرف بین ایرانیان و ترکان را انکار نمیکند و جای دیگر میگوید که بومیان را ترکان تسحیل کردند و جای دیگر میگوید که این ترکزبانان آذربایجان همانند ترکان ترکستان (Middle Syayh) Are pure.

While most scientists Irandust Trkzbanan Iran as remnants of former Iranian. But the very last Kasravi. Vladimir Minorsky and beyond that is the same Trkzbanan Iran, most survivors are former natives Ayranyzban. Today's discussion with the D - A - The end is forever.

However, accusations of racism should not be (What Whenever they talk ethnicism d - n - l hate). D - A - This is a discussion Kasravi if he were alive today, looking for a way to solve this problem(Influence of genes in Turkish) Would. The Iranian descent and one can even know their left or vice versa. But d - n - l, we know that genes that influence came from Turkestan to Iran, the Iranian people (Both Turkish and Ayranyzban) What is.


Another point that Kasravi also features some of the Turkish and Persian greyhound who is counting. However, unlike for example the Persian word formation Interfix Turkish / Turkish prefix and suffix is ​​the suffix used only. For example, in Turkish or Persian or Arabic is not definite. Pantrkystha claims in the language, see:

3) The demographics of Iran, Kasravi says there is no statistically. Estimates place the population of the Iranian Trkzbanan (Perhaps eight million people) It has been more than. But finally admit that:

We have decided, as we have said, to explain nothing except what can be explained with Arabic numerals, and estimations and speculation are absolutely unsatisfactory


We have decided (همانطوری كه گفته ایم) چیزی را نخواهیم گفت مگر این كه با اعداد عربی قابل بیان باشد، و تخمین و خیال به طور مطلق قانع كننده نیست


اما باز در این مورد، آمارهایی از روسها وجود دارد از سال 1890 By careful analysis, out of the six million population of Iran, about one million people are Tatars(Trkzbanan) Read.

In this regard, we noted that several books about the period of minority knew Trkzbanan:

Persian question, by the Hon. George N. Curzon, 2 in. illus., plates, ports., maps (1 fold.) 23 cm., London, New York, Longmans, Green & co., 1892.). Based on the Russian scholar Zolatoraf who used official Iranian documents in 1888, the population of Iran was recorded as six million people, half of these were Persian, 1 million Turk / Tatar (the name Azeri was a recent designation and in the 19th century, the term Turk/Tatar was used for the speakers of this language), Lurs 780,000, Kurds 600,000, Arabs, 300,000, Turkmans 320,000. And the rest were Armenians, Assyrians and other groups. Large number of Assyrian Christians actually existed in Iran before they were massacred by the pan-Turkist young Turk government invasion of Western Iran during WWI.

Translate: George kurzun them, from the two jldys (Released annually 1892) Iran's population statistics, from Russian Zolotarv, which itself in the year 1888 میلادی از آمار رسمی یا غیر رسمی دولتی گرفته است، ارقام زیر را ارائه می دهد:
Three million speakers in Iran, Iranian, Turkish and Tatar(Orientalists and the Russians would use the title to Trkzbanan)One million, eighty thousand Hftsz Lors, Kurds Shshsdhzar, Sysdhzar Arabs, Turkmens Sysdvbyst estimated six million two hundred and forty thousand.

This book is available for free download:

و آمار در صفحه 494 امده است.


Also another book called:

United States. Immigration Commission (1907-1910), William Paul Dillingham

This book is about two-thirds of the population of Persian speakers in Iran is considered:

Page 173:

Linguistically the Persian is the chief race of Persia speaking an Iranic language… Of the estimated population of Persia, about two-thirds are true Persians or “Tajiks”.

It should be noted, however, that Iran's population under the(Judge Cyrus and during kruzun) کم و بیش نه یا ده برابر شده است و در این صدسال، مناطق شمال و خراسان و مرکز و جنوب ایران نیز آباد شدند و کم و بیش بسیاری از روستاها در فرهنگ شهرنشینی تحلیل شدند.

Today's data more or less eighty percent of the Iranian population as the number of speakers of Iranian languages.

که کم و بیش با آمار 1890 لرد کروزون تطبیق میکند.

It should also be noted that Kasravi, although for a time on account of a researcher, but linguistic and ethnic and historical knowledge of the period he has been much progress. For example, the language Fhlvy Azerbaijan - Azeri and the Fhlvy, apart from Ray and Hamedan, Gilan languages ​​and has been dubbed “Azari” To it, rather than “Azeri Fhlvy” Our opinion is wrong. Also Sarhayy your language Tabriz Tabriz ship is seen in the book Kasravi did not get it. In fact, German Markvrat before Kasravi, the ancient language of Azerbaijan “فهلوی” Read. What Kasravi did collect some reports Fhlvy Example languages ​​- Azerbaijani Azeri. But the knowledge we have today is much improved since then and now, to this writer, doctor Mohammad Amin Riahi best studies in the ancient language of Azerbaijan and Arran has Shervan:

Nz·htalmjals - Jamal Khalil collection Shervani– Thsyh doctor Mohammad Amin Riahi and research (File size- Fifteen MB)

In terms of the - of - or as well as, new tests indicate that all the genes tank Caucasus Azerbaijan Armenia is one of the:

Hum Genet. 2003 Sea;112(3):255-61. Epub 2002 Dec 14

Testing hypotheses of language replacement in the Caucasus: evidence from the Y-chromosome.
I Nasidze, Sarkisian T, Kerimov A, Stoneking M.



بنابراین، در این مقاله نشان دادیم که چگونه پان‌ترکیستها حتی ترجمه‌ی مقاله‌ها را تحریف و تحذیف میکنند تا به نتیجه‌ی دلخواه و نادرست خود برسند.

It's written in English and translated sequence with the pan-Turkish translation

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  • Ali Tabrizi says:

    اگر یک زبان را به زور شمشیر میشود گسترش داد پس مغول ها چرا نتوانستند همه ایران را ترک کنند و یا چرا عراب نتوانستند ایران را عرب زبان کنند؟ اگر ما آذری ها ترک نباشیم پس هم نزاد با ترکها هستیم و با آنها قرابت داریم و این شما هستید که در آینده نه چندان دور به فاشیسمی و نزادپرستی متحم میشوید پس بدانید نمی شود در مقابل فرهنگ ها ایستاد و به طور غیر مستقیم ومستقیم به آنها توهین کرد شما در این راه شکست میخورید مطمین باشید.
    And if you can answer my question about imposing your language, please email me Thanks you for your response

    • admin says:

      Hello Ali

      According to the Spanish-speaking South America, you should conclude all Hyspnykhay ,Are Hispanic! Former French colonies in Africa, or who continue to speak French French descent ! If no such claim is
      اما در مورد حمله ی اعراب اگرچه سعی ایشان بر عربزبان کردن مردمان ایران بود اما در طول دو سده ای که بر ایران حکمرانی کردند با مقاومتهای گسترده ی ایرانیان مواجه شدند و دویست سال دایما در جنگ بودیم عوامل دیگری هم در عرب زبان نشدن ایرانیان دخیل شد از جمله مثلا اینکه اعراب به زبان فارسی محتاج بودند و در ابتدا دیوانها و تشکیلات اداری را به فارسی می گرداند حتی چند دهه سکه ها را هم با همان تصاویر پادشاهان ساسانی ضرب می کردند که می توانید نمونه هایی را در حراجهای اینترنتی پیدا کنید و تا زمانی که دفترهارابه عربی برگرداندند کاملا محتاج به دستگاه بروکراسی ایرانیان بودند به هر روی اگرچه ایرانیان عربزبان نشدند و ساختار زبان فارسی ماند , But in Arabic, Persian, had a great impact on the rest of the day and after two centuries of conflict, the Iranians actually formed independent states or local governments dominated by Arabs was
      اما مغولها از همان ابتدا فرهنگ و آداب و رسوم ایرانی را شاید به دلیل تغییر مذهب پذیرفتند و حتی نامهای خود را تغییر دادند مثلا اولجایتو سلطان مغول به خواست خودش سلطان محمد خدا بنده شد و بر خلاف اعراب مغولهای مهاجم تکیه بر زبان یا فرهنگ مغولی نداشتند و پیرامون تبار آذریان هم با علم ژنتیک به سادگی می شود این موضوع را روشن کرد

      Here are two articles about the origin Azarian is the first entry by a research team from the University Asaltsh Stnfvrd done and can do research on the Internet

      Relationships with other groups of Iranian descent /?content=DetailsArticle&id=46

      Unfortunately, I am unable to send emails in response to comments

    • Perfection says:

      ببین علی خان ، مثل اینه که 100 سال بعد بگویند عراق خرمشهر را اشغال نکرد اگر کرده بود پس چرا کل ایران را اشغال نکرد؟؟؟؟ خوب حالا مغولها فقط پس چندین شهر شمالی ایران که در تاخت و تاز و در مسیر حرکتی نیروهای اصلی آنها( Numbers and therefore more power barrow filled with Zvrtr) Europe was coming to attack the (The number of troops stationed in Tabriz, Isfahan and Yazd more troops in southern Iran, Tehran was that those days ten years later and the city …)I can not say why the city could not resist but Tabriz? . Secondly, let yourself go and see a genetics experiment more like Iranians or the Mongols?

  • Frhykht says:

    Respected official of the site, greetings
    Your patriotic feelings that make you take such efforts are encouraging. بيگمان شما هم به اين باور داريد كه هيچ تفاوتي ميان نژادها نيست و همه فرزندان يك پدر و مادريم. بحثهايي كه مي شود تنها براي روشن گرديدن حقايق و تاريخ است. آنهايي كه ميان نژادها فرق نمي گذارند طبيعي است كه از حقايق تاريخي نيز هراسي ندارند. برعكس آنها كه ريگي به كفش دارند درپي قلب حقايقند.
    در اينجا فرصت را مغتنم دانسته بگويم كه كتابها و گفتارهاي احمد كسروي در روزنامه پرچم را در پايگاه زير مي توانيد بيابيد :

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    اين نظريه كاملا نادرست است ايران 35مليون ترك دارد. بجاي تكرار كلمه پانتركيسم واقعيت ها را ببينيد.اگر خودتان يك سفر به قزوين و همدان و روستا هايش برويد اين واقعيتها را خواهيد ديد و اين مطالب نادرستتان را سريعا حذف خواهيد كرد.

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    Mr. Admin
    I do not accept people who are in the pan. Azeris say that you left out the really funny. So on the assumption that we were leaving so you do not get to leave. Brfrz Turkish Zbvnmvn after we Mvgham Qvpvz tar and fiddle and dance and thousands of other Azeri Where did this is that the Mongols. Definitely say tar and fiddle (Wow confidence)بقیه رو هم از یه جایی اوردین دیگه.ها؟ضمناً اگه وقت داشتی یه نگاهی به فرهنگ عمید بنداز تا ببینی از هر 100لغت،80 تاش عربیه 1 یش ترکیه ،3 تاش فرانسس .پس شما با چه رویی میگید که زبان عربی به فارسی محتاج بود .من نمی گم فارسی لهجه است ولی هر بچه ای میدونه که اگه عربی نبود فارسی هم نبود . Finally I want to say I'm not Pantrk but you have no right being abandoned Panfarsyd I write and sing my own language and dialect into a written

  • تاتار-قوشاچای says:

    Who hear Bvdmannddydn!
    Despite all retail orders Rvshnfkrmabanh the last hundred years Zrbayjanyan Zbanavrqa still leave yourself enough and know Trkzadh”نه موتلو تورکوم دییه نه”.

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  • Desert - Qazvin says:

    {Irony} : Iran totally Tvvvrkh. We Iranians – In particular, we Qazvini- I've been left out. Sorry Tvvvvvvrk! Why do not you accept the Iranians are Tvvvvvvvvrk? !!! Scholars and scientists of Azerbaijan and Iran do not have any education or pan like I did Tvvvvvvrk. The prince Shrash Jlyh!!! On the other hand, there was a supreme court that clearly said that Farsi is a dialect 98 It is from North African Arabic, but the book is lost. All this was said to Tvvvrky pany Tvvrky. However, all of Iran's torque and torque because Adam was the first.

  • shams says:

    Dear friend, took the trouble to spend a lot of time to collect pure information!! I have a question that is really for what purpose you are looking for Khvahyyd if you promise us the sword of the Persian language are translated into Turkish sword again to return to our original language?
    نه دوست عزیز نه شمشیر و نه هیچ قدرت وزوری نمیتواند زبان مادری یک ملت را برگرداند اگر نمونه دیگری سراغ دارید بفرمایید تا ما هم بدانیم که به غیر از ما ترکها که به زور زبانمان را عوض کرده اند قوم یا ملت دیگری هم هست ؟ چشمانتان را باز کنید به غوطه ور شدن در کتاب هایی که نویسندگانشان هم مثل جنابعالی در توهم بوده اند سفری به شهرها وروستاهای ترک نشین بکنید واز نزدیک با فرهنگ و ادبیات آنها آشنا شوید تا بیش از این در توهم زندگی نکنید و قلمفرسایی نفرمایید.البته اگر ماموریتی به شما داده نشده باشد و جیره خوار نباشید . If so Bashdma Varbabantan Kjaytan know you feel better after a few cups of water Njaytan a pity you do not have it no other way and it did illusions the Turkish nation of Azerbaijan was not Vnkhvahd.

  • bahram says:

    Vector compatriot,
    Gulf of Turku games these days so I hate that I got nauseous when I see these things and we're still looking for evidence to prove what Ayranytrym January Ana'i. You can prove that all those who speak Persian are a pure breed or not? …. Okay I am a mixed race the rest of the Arab and Mongol Parsyn …. Were. Now, what is the extent of the problem that we have to jump!? . She is someone that she is ugly and I do Trjmrv highly distorted crime! We do not Pntrkyst in Iran, many of my friends thought I Pntrkysmv Nmydvnnv candy or used as Nqlv Nmybrn. Unfortunately for everyone native language of humiliation and liberation coming into the pan…! Turkish and Azerbaijani people have no hatred will like it then you better Hmvtnt respect to language, otherwise you will not see an interesting reaction. 100 years ago, so we did not talk the language they Osmania Persian poetry during the Safavid Iran's greatest enemy or your Osmania Turks were fighting the war of religion. I have a bit of energy to fight a culture of respect for each other, we'll let.

    • admin says:

      This article is a forgery and falsification of written comments to the subject of your post is irrelevant. Falsification, distortion, cracks and Gulf Yknvshth bad we are and our goals are irrelevant. با اینحال در پاسخ به مواردی که مطرح کردید هویت ملی مقوله ای مستقل از نژاد و یا به قول شما نژاد خالص است و ما هم در اینجا از هویت ملی گفتیم و نه نژاد. If these are not problems of the past in order that issues such as national identity ,Government- Modern concepts of nation and Nasyvnalysym. "Pan" in the political sense, but the union does not charge schools for the Union can be attributed to a person in a community is constructive and the losses. پان ترکیسم هم یک مکتب سیاسی است که پس از فروپاشی امپراطوری عثمانی قدرت گرفت و از همان زمان در ایران هم هوادار و پایگاه دارد و این چیزی نیست که بر کسی پوشیده باشد.

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    دوست و هم ميهني گرامي كه مي گوييد خدا احمد كسروي تبريزي راكنه،ايشان به تركها خيانت كردند!!!!!!!؟؟؟؟؟؟
    دوست گرامي پژوهش هاي گونانگون كه بر پايه دانشهاي گونانگون امروزه در باره زبان تركي و زبان تالشي و آذري باستان شده و ده ها سند انكار ناپذير ديگر از چندين سده پيش از ميلاد تا مورخين و سفر نامه نويسان چند سده گذشته، همه به استواري سخنان احمد كسروي را تاييد مي كنند.
    Dear friend, who said that the genetic test will determine everything in the end, you should know that dozens of genetic tests have been conducted by Russian, Iranian and European teams in this field.. شما اگر به درستي به دنبال پيروي از خرد و انديشه آگاه و راستي هستيد بايد بدانيد كه اين آزمايش ها حجت را بر همگان تمام كرده است و ايراني بودن نژاد مردم آذربايجان و پيرو آن ايراني بودن زبان باستاني آذربايجان بي گمان و حتمي است.
    شما براي نمونه مي توانيد مقاله دكتر مازيار اشرفيان بناب را كه جنبه به درستي دانشي دارد را در اينترنت مطالعه بنماييد. دوست گرامي پانتركها مانند هميشه آغاز به خرده گيري و دشوار سازي كردند ولي اين تلاشهاي ايشان هرگز كوچكترين ارزش دانشي ندارد بگونه اي كه آذربايجاني هاي گرامي ايران دوست خود به پانتركها گفتند اين آزمايش ها رو با هر فراواني كه ميخواهند در ايران انجام دهند و اگر توانستند وارون آن را اثبات كنند ولي چون ادعاهاي نا دانشي آنان هرگز در جهان دانش پذيرفتني نيست و خود آنها نيز به درستي به اين جستار آگاهي دارند هرگز نميتوانند كه با آزمايش هاي ژنتيك نژاد مردم آذربايجان را با تركان زرد پوست مغولي و منچوري و اويغوري ويكي كنند.
    هم ميهني گرامي به دليل نيست كه به ايران مي گويند سرزمين هميشه جاويد و پيرو آن به آذربايجان مي گويند سر ايران زمين. هموطنان پارس و كرد و لر و … You are your friend and not your enemy, the enemy is someone else who wants to change the history with the lies and media propaganda of dozens of television and satellite networks, but he is unaware of the fact that history is made up of documents and documents and the conscious thought of man. He studies and researches, not the clamor and clamor of shouting and false oppressors

  • Happy says:

    دوستان گرامي كتاب تاريخ آتروپاتكان نوشته پروفسور اقرار علي اف دانشمند آراني (آذربايجان ساختگي شوروي) مرجع بسيار خوبي براي پاسخ گويي به پانتركها مي باشد.
    پانتركها در زمان حيات ايشان هرگز ياراي رد سخنان ايشان را نداشتند و تنها كاري كه توانستند انجام دهند اين بود كه پس از در گذشت وي كتابهاي ايشان را جمع آوري كرده و به آتش كشيدند كاري كه نياكان مغول و اويغور صفت آنها با كتاب هاي ايراني و ديگر كشور ها كردند.
    ايشان با نا بخردي و كينه با خو مي انديشيدند كه با به آتش كشيدن كتاب ايشان و وارون جلوه دادن تاريخ مي توان تاريخ را دگرگون كرد.
    پروفسور اقرار علي اف همواره يكي از آرزوهاي بزرگ خود را ترجمه پارسي كتاب خويش و گسترش آن در كشور ايران ميدانست.
    اين كار بزرگ در سال 1378 توسط بنياد نيشابور و چند استاد زبان شناس در اروپا و تاجيكستان و هم ميهني آذربايجاني جناب آقاي آيدين لو انجام شد و هم اكنون اين كتاب در اين بنياد موجود ميباشد و براي علاقه مندان به درستي و راستي بدون هياهو گري، قابل فراهم كردن و خريداري مي باشد.
    ايشان در كتاب خويش دست پانتركها را براي باستاني كردن وجود تركان در آذربايجان و ادعا هاي دروغين زبان شناسي ايشان در باره زبان التصاقي سومري و وجود واژه هاي تركي در زبان سومري رو كرده است و همچنين در مورد تحريف بسيار خنده دار پانتركها در باره نام آذربايجان و تركي جلوه دادن اين نام بي گمان ايراني چندين صفحه با دانش زبان شناسي و ريشه يابي اين نام در اسناد يوناني و رومي و آشوري و ارمني و اشكانيان و ساسانيان و مورخان اسلامي چنان مشت محكمي به دهان پانتركهاي ايران ستيز زده است كه هرگز آنها نخواهند توانست دلايل ايشان را در انجمن هاي دانشي جهان رد كنند.
    They only play with a thousand doses of language in their channels, not linguistics, that's why they never have the ability to prove their absurd and false claims in linguistics and historical universities..
    بنده به دوستان گرامي به ويژه هم مهيهنان آذربايجاني گرامي خواندن اين كتاب را پيشنهاد مينمايم.
    Thanks a lot

  • saeed says:

    دوستان گرامي آزمايش هاي ژنتيك فراواني توسط گروه هاي ايراني و روسي و اروپايي انجام شده است كه به همگان اين نكته را ثابت كرد كه از ديد دانش پيشرفته ژنتيك ترك خواندن مردم باستاني آذربايجان و پيرو آن ديرينگي زبان تركي در آذربايجان به هيچ روي پذيرفتني نيست

    يكي از اين آزمايش ها آزمايش گروه دكتر مازيار اشرفيان بناب است كه خود زاده آذربايجان است. اين آزمايش ها راه را براي پانتركهاي دروغ پرداز براي هميشه بسته است.
    بنابر عادات هميشگي پانتركها ايشان آغاز به خرده گيري از اين آزمايشها كردند. البته نياز به ياد آوري است كه استادان دانش ژنتيك و تاريخ به ايشان گفته اند كه خودشان بروند و با هر فراواني كه دوست دارند اين آزمايش ها رو از مردم فلات ايران بگيرند و نتيجه آن را مانند دكتر مازيار اشرفيان بناب در مجلات دانشي معتبر جهاني ثبت كنند.اميد واريم كه پانتركها به دكتر مازيار اشرفيان بناب مانند احمد كسروي تبريزي تهمت خيانت به تركها رو نزنند و تنها و تنها بر پايه دانش سخن بگويند.
    ايشان كه همواره از اربابان آنكارايي و باكويي خويش دستور مي گيرند نمي دانند كه اين بار پاي ارباب بزرگشان يعني تركيه هم بدجوري گير كرده است زيرا با خنده فراوان بايد بگويم بنابر آزمايش هاي ژنتيك انجام شده در تركيه توسط يك تيم اروپايي كه مندرجات آن در كتاب پانتركيسم ايران و آذربايجان نوشته محمد رضا محسني آمده است، تنها 9% مردم تركيه ژن تركان را دارند.تركيه اي ها اگر مي توانستند به نوكران پانترك خود در ايران ياري برسانند يك كاري براي خودشون مي كردند.
    پاينده باد ايران جاويد