Ibn Sina and Pan-Turks

Abu Ali Ibn Sina and his disciple and respond to distort Bahmanyar Pan Trkystha

Original Address Abu Ali Ibn Sina

One of the great victims of the pan-Turkish civilization-eating project is the prominent Iranian scientist Abu Ali Ibn Sina.. Although until now the Pan-Turkish historians have not been able to present any evidence and documents to prove their claim that this scientist is of "Turkish origin", but on the other hand, the fact that this great scientist is Iranian is so clear that it has always been taken for granted by researchers. Is. Shadervan Dehkhoda has given a complete and sufficient answer to anti-Iranians in his dictionary, which we read together.. But before reading it, it is appropriate to mention one of Abu Ali Sina's students named Bahmanyar son of Marzban.. in the Caucasus Aran Republic (Customary to the Republic of Azerbaijan) Bahmanyar, who is of Zoroastrian descent, is considered a Turk without any proof or reason and falsely introduces him as a Turk.. While during the time of Bahmanyar, neither Aran Caucasus nor Azarbaijan province of Iran was Turkic speaking (And it should be noted that the people of Azerbaijan are of Iranian and Zoroastrian descent, and their only language gradually changed to Turkish from the beginning of the Seljuks to the end of the Safavids.) Also, the ancestors of Bahmiar's son Marzban were all Zoroastrian and Iranian. As one of Bahmanyar's books, which he presented to his uncle, Abu Mansour, son of Bahram, son of Khursheed, son of Yazdiar Majosi, clearly shows the lineage of this Iranian and Zoroastrian family..

About Bahmanyar and Zoroastrian descent(And therefore, he is non-starter and non-leaver) And the fact that he is Iranian is enough to be entered in Dehkhoda's dictionary.

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  • shenkey says:

    Ibn Sina, whether Turkish or Arab, is not Persian. In addition, all the works of this scientist are written in Arabic..

    • admin says:

      Contrary to what you said, not all of Ibn Sina's works are in Arabic, for example, Ala'i's encyclopedia is in Persian.

      Writing in Arabic does not make someone Arab, just as writing in English does not make someone American or English. In the case of Molavi or for example Nizami, if the language of their works is mentioned, it is because of the literary value and subjectivity of the language itself, but Pour Sina's writings have the same scientific importance in any language they are translated, because unlike the works of poets, its importance is through It has no literary value or language.

      About the origin of Porsina, there is a sufficient explanation in the article itself.

  • irani says:

    Basically, the issues should be examined from a more general perspective. For this, one must first know the history well, and then from within it, the geographical, economic, security, social, political, racial, ethnic, regional and military interests of the countries that have made the history of human civilization since two thousand years ago should be carefully studied. To be able to understand the course of current developments. What is certain is that before Islam, the West's preoccupation was with Greek domination and after that Rome was conquering the world of Iranian civilization.. Iran was always a barrier resistant to western civilization on the world at that time and Europeans reaching India and China. After the rise of Islam and the weakening of Iran's power, the West found itself facing a new force that had replaced Iran's role. Of course, due to the mixing of Islam with Iranian civilization, it can be said that the West found itself against a force that was armed with a spiritual vision in addition to worldly vision, which made it different from a mere Iranian civilization.. In other words, Iran's civilization had merged with Islam. For this reason, we see that in the Middle Ages, they launched attacks called the Crusades against Muslims, which actually aimed to push Muslims back from the areas that the Western civilization traditionally considered them since the time of the Roman Empire.. It should be remembered that the Roman Empire dominated the entire Mediterranean region and considered this sea as its own, and all its conflicts with Iran were mostly over this issue.. Today, the West, following this vision and even completely dominating the world, has an annoying competitor on its way, which is the Islamic countries in general and Iran in particular.. By teaching Israel, they were able to remove Jerusalem, which was the crown jewel of the ancient Roman territories, from the hands of the Muslims, and thus accomplish what they had been unable to do in the Crusades.. Another important center that the West is looking for and considers to be an integral part of ancient Rome is Istanbul. To achieve this goal, the West needs to destroy the Islamic world. This work started with the rise of the Ottoman Empire, but with the idea of ​​forming the state of Israel, it was officially and strongly placed on the agenda of the West, and in my opinion, by creating and carrying out the September 11 operation by their own agents, the key to its completion was set as their first strategy.. This issue took a stunning speed right after the collapse of the Soviet Union, which had spent most of their power on itself. The destruction of the Islamic world was possible only by weakening it, that is, by tearing Islamic countries apart. For this, the West entered the field with two methods. First, to weaken the powerful Islamic countries by creating a revolution, and then by dividing them by creating a spirit of nationalism among their ethnic groups. It was in this way that the Iranians, who were going to ask Japan to fight, were destroyed with a revolution, and that was not possible except by pushing the king to break the law and oppress the Iranians.. After that, in order to stop Iran and Iraq from breathing, they started a big war between these two countries, the result of which was the occupation of Iraq and the defamation of Iran among its neighbors abroad, and the establishment of a law-breaking, anti-revolutionary and anti-people government inside, which resulted in hatred. The people were disgusted by this government and the neighbors were disgusted by it. The aim of such a policy was to make the country defenseless due to the indifference of its people and the break between the Islamic states of the region.
    Therefore, with this vision of creating the spirit of nationalism by creating Pan-Tracism and Pan-Arabism by their agents, Westerners are moving step by step towards achieving their sinister goals.. The result is that by dividing the powerful Islamic countries, it has turned them into small, weak and satellite countries so that they can easily dominate their destiny.. This work started with the separation of a part of Indonesia, and now Sudan is also on the verge of separation. Iraq is also a country that is almost divided, and now they are trying to cover up the disintegration of dear Iran by inducing a federal government in Iran, despite the foolish actions of a handful of backward people in the Islamic Republic and a few so-called enlightened foreigners.. The West has started its great chess and the September 11 attacks were the beginning of that. Their next move is the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and then confiscating the movement of Arab nations in North Africa and the Middle East. As we have seen, in Egypt and Tunisia, Western agents are still in power, and in Libya, they have directly interfered in this country with false operations, and they are allowing Gaddafi to destroy Libya, its economy and its people as much as possible.. In the case of Turkey, they are strongly against its entry into Europe, and they have recently allowed Erdogan to make a fool of himself by creating false selfishness in him.. We see that this false selfishness has caused Turkey to get involved with Israel and oppose NATO. I am sure that Europe will do the same thing to Turkey as it did to Cyprus. Therefore, with a clever trick, under the pretext of Turkey's step-by-step entry into Europe, it will agree to the entry of only the Istanbul region and the European part of Turkey into the European Union, which will effectively separate Istanbul from Turkey, and then formalize this separation by holding a referendum. will do. With this, the weakening of Turkey will be keyed and Kurdistan will be separated from it. Iran will also be divided with the hints I gave above and they will practically destroy several powerful Islamic countries in the form of the Greater Middle East.. In the case of Turkey, we should not forget that Obama has recently put his finger on the Armenian Genocide . This means extreme disloyalty to Türkiye. By comparing Bin Laden's death and pointing the finger of blame at Pakistan, it can be understood that the idea of ​​dividing Pakistan is also on the agenda. Balochistan and Kashmir can be separated easily . Meanwhile, India can be a good factor to achieve this goal.
    In the end, the people of the region should know that the fire is behind the door of their house and threatens their existence. They should also know that with the division of a large country, no nation will be able to rule, just as the countries created by the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia did not.. Today, these countries are among the gratuitous satellites of Europe, Russia, and America, and they have become the toys of their hands.. They should also know that if the division was effective, the European countries would not have gathered together with so many linguistic, cultural, racial and social differences..

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